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Informations générales

L'Entreprise d'accueil : ECI Telecom


ECI Telecom is a leading supplier of networking infrastructure for carrier and service provider networks worldwide. From tier-one national network operators to city carriers, ECI's equipment serves as the platform for key applications including business services, voice, video and wireless backhaul.

We provide flexible networks according to the specific needs of each network operator. This customization and agility are the cornerstones of ECI's relationships with its customers. ECI customers value the company's innovative spirit, efficient solutions and agile attitude in meeting their needs.

Founded in 1961, ECI has grown from a small technology company into an experienced global provider of networking solutions to the world’s largest carriers. A market leader in many emerging markets, including India and the former Soviet Union, ECI provides efficient, scalable infrastructure that serves as the foundation for the communications of tomorrow.

What sets ECI apart from the rest of the market is ECI's 1Net, a business framework focused on optimizing the way carriers transition their networks to Next-Generation Networks. Through ECI’s unique combination of innovative and multi-functional equipment, fully integrated solutions  and agile approach to services, we provide customers the highest level of flexibility as they evolve their networks.

ECI's 1Net reduces Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), creates new revenue opportunities and provides optimal network transition management for network operators.

Le Stagiaire

Jonathan Amselemétudiant de Master 2 MIAGE à l'IUP de Nice


Le Stage

  • Dates : 18/03/2009 au 18/09/2009
  • Objet : Tests et developpement.
  • Contexte et environnement
    • Context
    • The management system managing ECI access products is moving from C++ and MFC technology to JAVA and Web service technology.  This system allows configuration, fault management, performance monitoring and maintenance of various shelves, cards and communication protocols. Switching technologies needs to be progressive since new cards and new features are continuously required in order to meet customers’ expectations.  


    • Environnement

    • One of the goals of moving to JAVA and WEB technologies is to be able to have a system that will support thousands of managed elements. 


      The system has already been enhanced with JAVA modules:


    • Fault Management that reports all current and historical alarms in a user’s friendly way.

    • Hi-Care that provides user’s focus management

    • Octopus that allows software downloads simultaneously to several network elements.



  Nom Prénom Courriel Téléphone
Stagiaire  Amselem  Jonathan 0527492241
Tuteur de stageà l'Unoiversité  Baude  Françoise   0492387671
  Maître de stage dans l'entreprise  Bukris  Ami  


Sujet de stage


Project objectives: To ensure that ECI NMS 'N'-tier application meets required performance goals. 

Project resources: Jonathan will be part of performance team responsible for

      1. Weed out bottlenecks in application;

      2. Identify server and database needs;

      3. Learn if application recovers gracefully. 

Project scope: Jonathan will responsible for exploring and implementation JMETER Test Plans. 

NMS Control Center 

Project Objectives: An additional part of functionality migration from C++ to Java is “Control Center”. The Control Center will be the main window of the ECI NMS and should be a convenient work area for NMS user, i.e., network administrators. 

Project Resources: Jonathan will be part of a team developing “Control Center” application using Swing. 

Project Scope: Jonathan will responsible for developing different components of “Control Center”.


Technologies, Logiciels, Outils utilisés

 JAVA 6, Jmeter 3.2, Oracle, JDBC.

Suivi du stage 

Planning prévisionnel:

et réalisé


Action Date Bilan
Début du stage 18/03/2009  
1er E-Mail de contact  25/03/2009  
Remise du rapport préliminaire  29/05/2009  
Remise du rapport de synthèse 27/08/2009  
Fin du stage 18/09/2009  



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