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You have to use the content of the lectures to design a small project that you should hand out at the end of the semester. By default, the subject is a digital business card but you can propose your own subject as long as it covers these three main constraints:

  • Include a local Android SQLite database;
  • Use an Android-specific inter-device mechanism (e.g. SMS);
  • Make a clear separation between Pure Java code (Business Model) and Android-specific code.

Functional description

The 'default' project is to build an Android application to handle digital business cards. There are three main functions that must be fulfilled:

  • Display/Edit Business cards: show as a business card and allow edit;
    • Editing means: select which fields (from the full contact database) is displayed and where they are displayed
  • Import/Share information with Android Contact database: Some of the information from the business card is shared with the standard Android Contacts database, additional information (e.g. QRCode) may be added in a specific database;
    • The local database should store the choices from the editiing and NOT the same information as in the contact database (make a reference to it).
  • Send/Receive Business card: when meeting someone, your app should allow either for you to send your business card or to receive a business card from another Android device.
    • You have to image scenarios on how you meet people and share your digital business card (do you assume they have the app installed or not...)


The report should contain:

  1. a description of the three(4) scenarios, at least one for each function
    • A scenario is a sequence of screens (Androidś activities) that you have to develop or you decide to reuse
    • Between each activity, you must describe the events that trigger the change of screen
    • You must decribe both sides: your side and the side of the person you meet
  2. a description on how you addressed each of the three constraints in the Introduction section
    • including a description of the database
    • which inter-device mechanism you have used
    • how did you separate the Java code from the Android code (UML diagram for instance)
  3. the repartition of the work: who did what part


  • M1 IFI: May, 29th 2017, midnight
  • Make a zip with the Android Project
    • Send to fmallet at
    • Object: [M1IFI] Android project - NAME1 NAME2 [NAME3]
    • Body: Report from your project (pdf) + zip or link to a website
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