Design Patterns Java EE 6

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These lab exercices will show you the use of several design patterns with Java EE 6.

Software installation

You will use both Eclipse/Weblogic/MySQL and netbeans 7.2/glassfish/JavaDB for these exercises. Why two different environments ? Because developement with JSF 2 is a lot easier with netbeans and we do not have much time... So, some examples will be run using Eclipse, some other using netbeans...

Install Weblogic + Oracle enterprise pack for eclipse

Install the file named oepe-indigo-installer- get all the default options. We assume that there is a JDK installed on your system.

Once the installation is finished, look at your windows start menu and run "Oracle Enterprise Pack For Eclipse/Weblogic server 12c/Tools/configuration wizard" and create a default domain, using the default options. The instructor will show on the video projector what to set.

When prompted for an admin password, try to enter one you will remember !!!!

Normally, if everything went fine, you should see a new menu in your start menu: "Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse/user projects/base domain"... from this menu you can start the admin server, then when the admin server has been started (in a dos window you should see the message "server started in RUNNING mode"...), you can use the menu to open the admin console. 

If there is an error there, something went wrong, call your instructor...

Install MySQL

There are many version of MySQL installers available. We provide a zip that do not need any install at all. Just unzip the file in c:\mysql for example.

In order to run the MySQL server, open a DOS window, go to c:\mysql\bin\ and run "mysqld.exe", this will start the MySQL daemon. Open another DOS window, go to the same directory and run "mysql.exe -u root", the admin tool. 

Enter "show databases;" to see all the databases available. This should display a table with some prefefined databases.

Install Netbeans

In order to install netbeans 7.2, just run netbeans-7.2.1-ml-javaee-windows.exe" and use all the default options.

The Bookstore example : shows JSP / Servlet model 2 approach (MVC)

This tutorial is available on the web at : but we will just use it with WebLogic instead of with the Resin server.