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DS4H Web Technologies 2021 - first assignment (deadline : November 15th 2021)

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Skeleton code to start with

What you have to do

You will have to improve the small video game that has been developed at the end of Module 2. Do what you can and feel free to take creative initiatives.

YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO HAVE COMPLETED THE COURSE TO THE END OF MODULE 2 !!!! If this is not the case, try to catch up as quickly as possible !


  • The game is not completely finished, as you may have noticed :-) So, try to make "levels": when all good balls have been eaten, let's restart automatically, but this time with one more ball in the initial set! THE WORK IS NEARLY DONE 100% IN THE SKELETON AND I HAVE EXPLAINED HOW TO DO THIS IN THE SECOND TUTORING VIDEO

    • Try to display the level number on the right,
  • Try to have the player have a nicer shape than a rectangle/square. For example, give it a nicer : i.e balls are COVID viruses and the player is a bacteria.
  • Try to use a global variable "gameState" that can be equal to "gameRunning" or to "displayGameOverMenu". Use it in the game loop with a switch statement, to display a game over menu when the player hits a certain number of bad balls (say three bad balls eaten and you're done!)
  • When, in the game over menu, listen to keydown events on the canvas and suggest pressing space to go to restart the game.
  • Add other input fields to further customize the game.
  • Try to make ball movements different depending on their color (random direction that changes along the course of a ball, zigzag movements, etc.) I SHOWED HOW TO DO THIS IN THE SECOND TUTORING VIDEO SESSION
  • Try to make the balls change their size during the animation.
  • More difficult: try to make your player fire bullets to destroy enemy balls :-)
  • Try to add some other game play elements (obstacles ?)

How to submit / due date

Due date is November 15th. I will not accept late submissions.

You will have to send me ( your work. Unfortunately, zip files cannot be sent using email easily.

If you do not receive in 24hours an email saying "Bien reçu" or "I got it thanks", then resend and check the email address!

IN THE ARCHIVE : please write a small README.txt file that explains your contributions. If you know how to do it : put your project online and add the URL of your project so that I can test it rapidly.

Here are the different things you can use (sorted by preference)

  • Send me the URL of the github repo of the project (if you know how to use git)
  • Once your project works locally on your hard disk (I recommend to develop it with Visual Studio code or equivalent) : create a example and paste the html of your project in the html part of codepen, css in the css part of codepen, javascript in the javascript part of codepen. Check that eveything works as intended. Then sen dme the url of your project.
    • You can use any other online IDE for that such as,, etc.
  • Create an account on any online storing service (google drive, microsoft one drive, mega, etc.) and send me the link to your archive.
  • Use filetransfer to send the zip to me. This is the worse solution for me as the filetransfer link die rapidly.



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